Gaming. Everywhere.

Geena Buxton - Editor-in-chief 

Geena has been gaming since dinosaurs walked the Earth. She cut her teeth on the Atari 2600 console and can currently be found gaming on her iPhone during her daily commute on Portland's MAX. Geena can be found at the local gaming store on Friday nights slinging Magic spells and you may even catch a glimpse of her on XBox One wandering the wasteland of Fallout when she gets a moment at home.

Russell Goble - Executive Editor

The founder of NomadGamer, Russ' executive travels take him all over the world gaming "between the raindrops". Russ' snarky but realistic editorials on the state of the gaming industry are a staple of the site and a refreshing alternative in a sea of sites that pander to big gaming companies for the almighty advertising dollar. Russ has been known to enjoy a night of Magic if Geena slaps a deck in one hand and a beer in the other.

Mark Leachman - Features Editor

With a love of all things gaming, "DarkKermit" can be found on his PC playing Heroes of the Storm or seated at a gaming table. Though he is known for his deadly Magic deck designs, his current obsession is piloting circles around his competition in the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Brad Gibson - Senior Reporter

The Renaissance Man of Nomad Gamer, Brad can be found writing, directing, listening to high end audio or obsessively pedaling his way through the hills of Northwest Georgia.  When Brad's not otherwise occupied, you can find him playing tabletop games, mobile games, watching movies or geeking out in general.

Quinton Buxton - Senior Reporter

An up-and-coming screenwriter and filmmaker, "QBComics" can be found in the summer months catching up on the gaming scene. A completist gamer, Quinton isn't satisfied until he 100% his console games and can always keep up with the most hardcore of competitors. A lover of all things Nintendo, Quinton has his finger on the pulse of "The Big N" and is always on the search for the rareist of Amiibos.  

Cameron Buxton - Senior Reporter

The hardest of the hard-core PC gamers, "SRBoom" will most likely find you before you find him. Cameron is a deadly rifleman on-line, taking out the competition with lightning fast reflexes and pin-point accuracy.  When he is on the go he can be found in Clash of Clans or battling it out in Super Smash Bros. as Captain Falco on his 3DS.