Puzzle paths.

Here is a unique and lighthearted game that is perfect for that quick slice of gaming. Mekorama is a puzzle game where you rotate the perspective of a structure to guide an adorable robot through a maze of stairs, tunnels and elevators. Puzzles are not timed - there are no "stars" to achieve - this is just a brainteaser in its purest form. It is also free, but its good enough that you should pay the developer anyway.  Mekorama is unique in that it has a "pay what you think it is worth" model. I honestly haven't seen this since the shareware days of the early 90's where a text file would give you an address to send some money if you "liked" the game. It will be interesting to see how this does for Martin Magni, (the developer) but with the level of polish this game has you should really reward him for his efforts. Still... at the low entry price of free with no in-app purchase shenanigans, you have no reason not to download this and give it a go.

The interface for the game is really a joy to play with, but what makes this game even better is the built-in level editor. Levels are super simple to build and they can be shared anywhere with a "collectible card" that contains a QR code. Scan the card with the app and the card slides right into a "pocket" into your virtual card binder, where you can play the level or share it again. It is really cool. 

Even the level editor is cute - and look - virtual cards to collect! <3

Even the level editor is cute - and look - virtual cards to collect! <3

Let's go deep on the geeky for a second.  I am fascinated by the fact one person did all this.  It is so polished.  On his site he mentioned that he wrote the game engine in C from scratch.  He also mentions that each level is very small to fit into a QR code and that all 50 of the included levels take up less than 14kb. Crazy. The design of Mekorama is elegant, this guy is amazing and he is everything Apple should be showcasing as an example of the independent developer. This game needs a Game of the Week banner in the App Store! Check out the trailer if you are still not convinced!

This is a fantastic effort for a small developer and you should go and get it as soon as possible.  The entire footprint for the game is only 6mb, so you can download it over your phone's data connection and be playing it before you finish your train commute or eat your lunch.  The game has a lot of life if a little community builds up around it, so I hope it is wildly successful.  Tell "B the robot" that Geena sent you!

Mekorama on the App Store

Mekorama on Google Play