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Attention all dice-chuckers, card-floppers and iOS gamers.... the game that ticks every one of your personal check-boxes is here and it is GLORIOUS!  Pathfinder Adventures by Obsidian Entertainment has hit the App Store.  

Pathfinder Adventures is a tabletop card game created by Paizo Publishing that is in turn based on the old school tabletop role playing game Pathfinder by Paizo.  The printed version of the card game was/is released as a base set with additional adventure packs releasing every other month. The "hook" of the game is that you build a character deck as you progress through the year long adventure arc, collecting loot in encounters and buying cards with collected gold.  In this way it really simulated a role playing experience, didn't need a Game Master and fit into a reasonably portable box.  It was a huge, huge hit in the tabletop world and I highly recommend giving it a whirl.  It even has solo rules if you are so inclined.  

It plays as good as it looks! 

It plays as good as it looks! 

The digital translation of the game is a fantastic simulation if you want to dip your toe in the system with no commitment (the first adventure is free), or if you just want something portable with a lightning quick way to save your progress mid game. Clearly the digital game is the superior solo experience unless you are just dying for the tactile feel of real components. The graphical presentation is beautifully done utilizing the amazing art that Paizo created for the boxed game and has even gone so far to place dice on the screen that you flick to roll to simulate the real game experience. Really the only negative I have is that the game locked up a time or two on my first session. It was easily fixed by closing the app in the task switcher and restarting.  It even kept all my mid-game progress.

As a HUGE bonus the full set of adventures is only $24.95 - the full base game is over twice that and adventure packs (6 per base set) are $20.00 each. This is as close to playing a D&D campaign you are ever going to get on your mobile device without a bag of Doritos and a case of Mountain Dew.  This is a fantastic, polished, engrossing game. What are you waiting for?!?!

Pathfinder Adventures on the App Store 

Pathfinder Adventures on Google Play 

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