Small crawl.

I play a good bit of tabletop games in the evenings to unwind, and being single I play most of them solo. I have picked one to share with you today that gets my seal of approval for being fast-paced, containing official solo rules and is of course portable. This isn't intended to be a review, it is more of a 'heads up" to our readers, bringing attention to a game that hasn't gotten a lot of love, but one that we feel is worth a look for your nomadic gaming adventures.

 Of Dungeons Deep! By Jason Glover, Art by Derek Bacon / Grey Gnome Games

Released after a successfully funded Kickstarter, Of Dungeons Deep! is a deck-building dungeon crawl that plays out over seven rounds, (or levels) of the dungeon. Solo players choose a hero and combine them with a set of henchman to journey into the dungeon, defeat monsters and live to tell the tale. With five heroes and seven sets of henchmen there is a lot of replay value in the various combinations.  As a solo effort, the game is really an ongoing quest to see if your party survives, and what your victory point tally is if you do. A play-through is a leisurely 30 minutes once you know the rules, and it is light enough that you can play while watching TV.

Components are above average, with plastic gems to represent health and treasure. Cards are a heavy plastic stock and while they do tend to stick together a bit, they will survive spills at your local coffee house or pizza place. Derek Bacon's art is nothing short of amazing and makes this a lighthearted romp and not a serious effort.  

Of Dungeons Deep! is a really light time filler, but it is my favorite one in the dungeon crawl genre.  If you can find a copy at your FLGS snap it up. It has a permanent place in my vacation gaming bag and could probably be taught with little effort to an above average 8 year old for those of you traveling as a family. In short, it is a low financial investment for the amount of playtime, even if you are exploring alone.